Having the opportunity to lead, collaborate, and volunteer with so many amazing non-profit organizations I realized that I had a passion for working with non-profit boards and staff to help organizations grow, develop, and become sustainable. As I am always striving to be better at everything I do, I have taken many professional development opportunities around leadership, which led me to look within to discover what makes me come alive. More than four years ago, my concept for Dragonfly Creative Consulting was born after taking a "Creating Your Extraordinary Life" workshop and taking an entrepreneur fitness class to develop a business plan.


Through my leadership training I learned the importance of leading with your head and heart. The integration of these two components is imperative when you are working with non-profit organizations focused on health and human services. I believe relationships are a key component for non-profit success. I feel energized and excited to work with people and organizations to help them have a greater impact. I would welcome the opportunity to hear from and/or work with you. Feel free to contact me at 970-618-9723 or email me at info@dragonflycreativeconsulting.com


 Cristina Gair



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